Inmarsat to connect 2022 Titanic survey expedition

Inmarsat to connect 2022 Titanic survey expedition

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Inmarsat is set to provide satellite connectivity for the 2022 OceanGate Titanic Expedition.

The expedition is a series of eight-day missions that will allow its customers to survey the aftermath of the sinking.

Inmarsat’s Fleet Express high speed satellite service has been selected to enable the expedition crew to connect with scientific and operational resources around the world for the duration of the trips.

“It is with great pride that Inmarsat continues to support the important work that OceanGate Expeditions and its team of experts, scientists, maritime archaeologists, and marine biologists are doing to document the wreck of the Titanic for future generations,” says Eric Griffin, vice president for offshore energy and fish at Inmarsat Maritime.

"Our advanced satellite services save lives and provide connectivity to vessels working in remote and challenging maritime locations around the globe.

“We’re here to keep mariners safe. Inmarsat was originally created to develop a satellite communications network for protecting lives at sea and we are deeply proud of our safety heritage.”

Inmarsat was established in 1979 by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to provide modern wireless communications to maritime vessels and served as an important advancement for maritime safety.

The satellite operator became the first to meet the requirements of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) for global safety communications and it remains the only organisation offering the service worldwide.

The firm, which is still in the process of being acquired by Viasat announced in March that it would be increasing its R&D spend in the UK.

The deal will see the provision of skilled jobs in areas including the design and development of satellites, ground stations and other advanced technologies.

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