Altice’s SFR offers wholesale connection to Transatel IoT

Altice’s SFR offers wholesale connection to Transatel IoT

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NTT’s mobile specialist Transatel has activated its 5G internet of things (IoT) service in France and plans global expansion.

After France – which is Paris-based Transatel’s home market – the company plans to expand to Belgium, Japan and the US “in the coming weeks”.

Transatel CEO Jacques Bonifay (pictured) said: “5G is a revolution for the IT industry as it offers significantly superior performances, security and user experience compared to Wifi. Very soon, most PCs and tablets sold on the market will be 5G ready, with cellular connectivity modules embedded.”

Transatel is aiming its 5G IoT solution at the industrial, IT and automotive sectors, requiring a large volume of data.

For this launch, the company chose Altice’s SFR, which it called “the most advanced French mobile operator to deploy 5G with IoT MVNOs” [mobile virtual network operators].

Transatel said that industrial IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) use cases “are also good candidates for 5G”.

It said: “edge computing and artificial intelligence based applications such as video content analysis (VCA), push-to-talk, as well as autonomous robots and vehicles require ever growing volumes of data. The higher bandwidth and lower latency of public and private 5G connectivity addresses these new challenges while offering manufacturers new transformation and innovation opportunities.”

Transatel’s 5G will also be available to consumers worldwide through its Ubigi brand which offers eSIM cellular connectivity for international travellers and connected cars.

The company said that, “unlike many MVNOs or simple resellers, … Transatel has its own telecom infrastructure and access agreements for 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE-M and now 5G, negotiated directly with hundreds of mobile network operators around the world”.

Bonifay added: “This flexibility and independence from operators allow Transatel to meet our customers’ coverage and quality of service requirements, of all over the world, regardless of their industry, their device or their business applications.”

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