Swarmio launches gaming platform in the Philippines

Vijai Karthigesu - Swarmio.jpeg

Swarmio has teamed with the Philippines’ largest telco operator Globe Telecom to launch its Ember gaming platform across the country.

Globe Telecom operates one of the largest fixed-line broadband networks in the Philippines, serving over 85 million mobile and broadband customers.

In November last year, Vijai Karthigesu, Swarmio’s CEO toldCapacitythat there was a “huge opportunity” for telcos to explore opportunities to venture into gaming.

In order to do this, he said telcos must diversify their products to include services such as gaming.

And in recent times, Swarmio has been expanding its partnerships with operators, particularly in Asia.

The agreement between the gaming firm and Globe comes as a result of Swarmio’s partnership with TM Wholesale which will see the Ember platform rolled out across Asia.

"This is a significant and mutually beneficial partnership that provides Globe with the ability to gain a strong competitive advantage through engaging and monetizing the large and growing gaming community in the Philippines," said Karthigesu.

"At the same time, it will allow Swarmio to engage directly with over 85 million Globe customers and deliver a best-in-class gaming and community experience."

The Philippines currently generates close to US$840 million in gaming revenues and has a 10% annual growth rate according to data from Newzoo.

The region has a 9% year-on-year growth rate and adds around five million new gamers every year.

Revenues generated from subscriptions and profit will be shared between the three companies involved.