Five things to watch April 27: Glo Fiber to expand, Verana secures funding

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Capacity shares five key stories making headlines around the world today.

Glo Fiber to expand fibre network to York County

Glo Fiber has reached an agreement with county officials to extend its fibre optic network to the northern part of York County, Virginia.

Construction on the project will start at the beginning of 2023 and will provide a 100% fibre network to almost 5,000 homes and businesses in the county.

"The Internet has become a vital tool for everyone, from students to homeowners to businesses,” said Tim Wyatt, Director of Information Technology at York County.

“York County is happy to welcome Shentel's Glo Fiber network as an option for our community's communication needs.”

Airtel Africa’s Nigerian subsidiary given super-agent full license

Airtel Africa has confirmed that the Central Bank of Nigeria has awarded its subsidiary Airtel Mobile Commerce Nigeria with a full super-agent license.

The license will allow the company to create an agency network that can service the customers of licensed Nigerian banks, payment service banks and licensed mobile money operators in Nigeria.

The final approval followed an earlier approval-in-principal which was given by the bank in November 2021.

The bank has been giving out similar licenses in an effort to boost financial inclusion across the country.

Verana Networks secures US$28m in Series B funding

Verana Networks has secured $28 million in Series B funding as it looks to bring 5G RAN technology to service providers and enterprises.

Since 2020, the company has raised more than US$43 million to develop next-generation millimeter wave 5G radio access network technology.

The funding from this latest round of investment will be used to commercialize Verana’s 5G RAN technology for millimeter wave spectrum.

“From gigabit fixed wireless access to the metaverse, 5G applications that will generate billions of dollars in incremental revenue will require a massive increase in network capacity,” said Vedat Eyuboglu, CEO and co-founder of Verana Networks.

Epsilon adds NetIX locations to Infiny

NetIX and Epsilon have strengthened their partnership by adding 150+ NetIX locations and peering services onto Epsilon’s Network as a Service (NaaS) platform Infiny.

NetIX operates a global network with a particularly strong footprint across central and Eastern Europe while Epsilon is well known for its network across Asia Pacific and western Europe.

The partnership will enable customers to gain access to these regions and to benefit from both providers.

“Combining our global network and services with Epsilon’s reflects NetIX's commitment to building our network based on customer needs,” said Chris Harper, CCO of NetIX.

“We look forward to collaborating with wholesale businesses and enterprise organisations who want to expand their reach in the central and eastern European regions where we have unparalleled strength and help them drive transformative changes that improve the way they connect and work.”

CalChip Connect and Federated Wireless to deliver plug-and-play decentralised networks

IoT distributor CalChip and shared spectrum services company Federated Wireless have teamed to deliver complete decentralised 5G wireless solutions for consumers and small enterprises.

The partnership will provide an end-to-end service for customers and small enterprises to implement a plug-and-play network solution that can be set up in 20 minutes.

“This partnership is about combining the potential of 5G with thousands of private wireless entrepreneurs and making it easy, cost-effective and accessible for as many people to connect as possible,” said TJ Rancour, president and co-founder of CalChip Connect.

“FreedomFi, CalChip Connect and Federated Wireless are creating a new model that enables a next generation wireless network powered by the people.”