STC, Nokia and MediaTek reveal 5G Middle East partnership

STC, Nokia and MediaTek reveal 5G Middle East partnership

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STC, Nokia and MediaTek have verified 3 component carrier aggregation (3CC-CA) in a 5G standalone (SA) network for the first time in the Middle East and Africa.

The verification was completed in the city of Makkah, Saudi Arabia and will enable service providers to make better use of their spectrum resources.

STC says that this use case will pave the way for further ones while also allowing the company to deliver its 5G services across its customer base.

Bader Allhieb, infrastructure sector VP at STC, said: “This crucial, region-first trial of 3CC-CA in 5G SA mode reiterates our commitment to provide a world-class experience to our subscribers.

“Nokia's carrier aggregation solution gives us a competitive edge by providing best-in-class speed, capacity and coverage to our subscribers.

“We look forward to continuing our engagement with Nokia to enhance our 5G capabilities and efficiencies.

Carrier aggregation (CA) allows mobile operators to reach higher throughputs, combining spectrum from different frequency bands to enhance coverage and network capacity.

The companies used the combination of one FDD carrier (20MHz) and two TDD carriers to create 180MHz of spectrum using CA technology.

This will provide higher data rates, increased coverage and superior indoor performance, according to the companies, by allowing service providers to make optimal use of 5G spectrum.

Alongside that, it is also expected to bring down the cost of deploying 5G networks.

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