Orange Wholesale expands French IoT deal with Sierra Wireless

Orange Wholesale expands French IoT deal with Sierra Wireless

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Orange has expanded its partnership with Sierra Wireless to give customers global access through a single SIM or eSIM.

The deal is via Orange Wholesale France, so that it can provide internet of things (IoT) services to customers.

Bénédicte Javelot (pictured), CEO of Orange Wholesale France, said: “Together, we help our customers to deliver world-class innovative and resilient IoT solutions for applications with global coverage and high performance.”

Her unit first entered a partnership with Sierra Wireless in 2021 to enhance connectivity to its IoT customers. But the latest upgrade means Orange Wholesale France, improves connectivity via global networks and across Europe via a single global SIM, in various physical formats on through an eSIM built into a module.

Sierra Wireless president and CEO Phil Brace said: “This partnership with Orange not only expands our pan-EU footprint, but also extends global access to the best networks in terms of speed, coverage, and a wide range of radio access technologies.”

These include low-power wide-area (LPWA) technologies, he added, as well as LTE – the alternative name for 4G. These allow customers to operate “a variety of use cases regardless of data usage, from low to mid-range in the payment and vending and EV [electric vehicle] charging segments, to high LTE usage for streaming video and surveillance, all on one global SIM”.

Brace said the “service offers resilient coverage, maximizes uptime, and provides seamless expansion into new markets with access to over 600 partner networks in over 190 countries”.

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