Africell enters Angola telecoms market

Africell enters Angola telecoms market

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Africell, an US-based African mobile network provider, has launched commercial mobile services in Angola.

Africell's entry into Angola's telecoms market brings fresh competition to the industry which has historically experienced limited competition and investment, and comes in support of opening up Angola’s economy, only fourteen months after Africell secured Angola’s fourth unified telecoms license.

At the same time, the introduction of new mobile products and services, mean that Africell is generating thousands of new jobs in country and creating a technology platform that will boost sectors such as education, finance and entertainment. The company has already created over a thousand direct and indirect jobs, with 95% going to Angolans.

“Angola is a country of enormous potential. Its people have a unique energy which makes Angola an exciting place to invest," says Ziad Dalloul, chairman and CEO of Africell Group.

"Over the last twenty years, Africell has developed the experience and capabilities needed to embrace this opportunity: bringing competition to a big new market and using our network to stimulate economic growth and social development. Africell is making a long-term commitment to Angola and we are thrilled to be launching a brand that the country can be proud of.”

To date Angola has invested over US$150 million in building a 5G-ready network with a starting capacity of over 6 million subscribers, partnering with technology vendors such as Nokia, Oracle, Angola Cables and MSTelcom.

Africell’s Angolan launch has experienced a number of challenges related to Covid-19 including restrictions, shortages and supply chain disruptions. Africell's team worked in close collaboration with Angola’s government to solve these operational challenges.

“We have heard the message loud and clear that when it comes to mobile services, Angola wants change. From today, Angolan mobile users will have more choice and better prices. They will have access to a mobile operator they can trust and which puts their interests first," said Chris Lundh, CEO of Africell Angola.

"Africell’s strategy is to give all Angolans the digital tools they need to realise their potential. Using all our energy and expertise, Africell is building a mobile network in Angola that will soon be recognised as the best in the country.”

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