LINX and stc launch two new IXPs in Saudi Arabia

LINX and stc launch two new IXPs in Saudi Arabia

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London Internet Exchange (LINX) and stc have launched two new Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) in Riyadh and Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

The news expands on the collaboration between the two on the launch of the JEDIX internet exchange in 2018. JEDIX is the first carrier neutral exchange point in Saudi Arabia serving carriers, cloud, content providers, local ISPs and enterprise networks connected at MG1 (MENA Gateway).

“With JEDIX expansion the new sites will complement our initiative in establishing a major digital hub for the Middle East and North Africa, ensuring the leading position for KSA across the ICT sector and continue to highlight our role as the leading player in the region,” said Mohammed AlAbbadi, chief wholesale officer at STC.

In keeping with the terms of the previous agreement, all internet exchanges will continue to be supplied and managed by the LINX.

Through this expansion of JEDIX to Dammam and Riyadh, due to launch later this year, both companies aim to improve the quality of Saudi Arabia’s internet while helping to position it as the preferred digital interconnection hub in the Middle East.

“We are really looking forward to growing our technical solution with stc and the new interconnection hubs this year," said Kurtis Lindqvist CEO of LINX.

"The growth of JEDIX has proved that the region is thriving digitally and together we are providing the solutions and the infrastructure to support this going forward.”

With Dammam located to the East of Saudi it is well located to support the country’s energy sector and associated businesses, as well as its close proximity to neighbouring countries. While Riyadh is the capital of Saudi and home to the King Abdullah Financial District, which serves the local and regional financial sector.

STC operates data centres across Saudi which are linked via its terrestrial network, giving collocated clients the ability to operate extensive disaster recovery and business continuity solutions, as well as clients can operate complex disaggregated system solutions.

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