Green T ‘shows Deutsche Telekom’s determination to be responsible’

Green T ‘shows Deutsche Telekom’s determination to be responsible’

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Deutsche Telekom has renewed its campaign to become a company that acts responsibility in terms of energy use and other goals.

Last year the company achieved its climate target of sourcing 100% of the electricity it uses, throughout the group, from renewable energies, the company said today.

CEO Tim Höttges said: “We make sure our progress is measurable. Since 2021, the board of management’s remuneration has also been dependent on our meeting our climate targets.”

Deutsche Telekom is taking a wide definition of its aims. It said: “Group-wide we invested €18 billion in our network expansion, with the aim of promoting digital inclusion.”

And it has campaigned on areas such as “No hate speech” as part of digital responsibility.

“Our aim with such efforts is clear: We want to be the leading European telecommunications provider in terms of sustainability, in the best sense of the word,” said the company, which has published an online corporate responsibility report.

The company says it aims to be climate neutral in direct operations by 2025 and climate neutral throughout its entire value chain by 2040.

In Germany last year it lowered Telekom Deutschland’s energy consumption by 274GWh.

Other targets include an eco-rating scheme – launched in cooperation with other European mobile operators – that helps consumers identify and compare sustainable smartphones. The report is available here:

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