PEACE Cable to offer 25Tbps per fibre pair along Med section

PEACE Cable to offer 25Tbps per fibre pair along Med section

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PCCW Global is using Infinera technology to expand the capacity of the Mediterranean section of the PEACE cable, which went live this week.

PEACE cable, owned by the Hengtong Group, said that the 3,200km long section, from Marseille via Malta to Cyprus and Egypt (see map), is now fully operational and ready for service.

PCCW Global, which has been a partner in the project since 2018, said it was using Infinera’s ICE technology to provide up to 25Tbps per fibre pair, with individual wavelength speeds of 650Gbps.

Haitham Zahran, vice president of EMEA subsea cable systems at PCCW Global, said: “The PEACE cable system is the highest-performing open cable system connecting Asia, Europe and Africa. By collaborating with Infinera to upgrade our network segment to increase fibre capacity, we are able to offer customers industry-leading innovation that provides the most reliability and highest capacity fibre pair available.”

PCCW Global and PEACE Cable International Network announced this week the completion of the Mediterranean segment, tp be called PEACE-MED.

They said the landing in Marseille, provided by Orange, helped form PEACE-MED’s open cable.

Sun Xiaohua, COO of PEACE cable, said: “The successful delivery of PEACE-MED gives us great confidence in the success of the project as a whole, and we look forward to the completion of the entire PEACE system this year – contributing to the optimisation of a digital ecosystem across the Mediterranean region and achieving our vision of a connected world with our partners.”

The plan is for the cable to continue along the Red Sea, with connections in Djibouti, Kenya and South Africa along the African coast, and across the Indian Ocean to Pakistan and to the Maldives and Singapore.

Sun announced plans for the PEACE Cable to use Infinera’s ICE6 optical engine for the Mediterranean section a year ago.

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