STC Bahrain boosts cloud services with Radian PoP

STC Bahrain boosts cloud services with Radian PoP

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STC Bahrain's cloud services have received a boost across the Middle East region after cloud infrastructure provider Radian Arc confirmed the deployment of a new PoP in Bahrain.

The services cover cloud gaming and future applications provided by Radian Arc.

The two said they plan to bring "an array of cloud-based applications to accelerate digital transformation activities in the region", such as AI, Blockchain, and IoT adoption. The availability of the platform means such CPU-intensive applications can be offered at a fraction of the cost of a high-end machine.

“The enrichment of our cloud services with the introduction of Radian Arc’s technology demonstrates our commitment to fulfil the digital needs of the region,” said Saad Odeh, chief wholesale officer at STC Bahrain.

“This partnership guarantees our market readiness to empower users with access to emerging technologies.”

Radian Arc is also partnering with cloud gaming platform Blacknut to bring its technology into the region, in a partnership that will enable access to more than 400 games with low latency and faster start times in the region.

“As we continue to expand access to cloud gaming around the world, we want to find partners who can elevate our service offerings to telcos and improve the gaming experiences we provide to players,” said David Cook, CEO of Radian Arc. “STC Bahrain’s PoP allows us and Blacknut to improve the quality of cloud gaming for customers in the Middle East, and it opens opportunities for future digital development in the region,” Cook added.

Radian Arc provides an IaaS platform for running cloud gaming, AI and machine learning applications inside telecommunication carrier networks.

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