DE-CIX to open IX in Leipzig by year-end

DE-CIX to open IX in Leipzig by year-end

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DE-CIX has opened a new internet exchange (IX) in Leipzig, located in the data centres of envia TEL and PŸUR Business.

It will be the first exchange for the German states of Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, and Thuringia and both envia TEL and PŸUR Business will be able to resell DE-CIX’s interconnection services.

“DE-CIX Leipzig will create a new ecosystem for the local digital economy and improve the stability and flexibility of the regional Internet infrastructure. The aim is to strengthen digital value creation, expand the infrastructure, and attract new Internet companies to the region. DECIX Leipzig means a boost in innovation for the development of the digital economy,” says Dr. Thomas King, CTO at DE-CIX.

In addition to allowing for local data exchange, through DE-CIX Leipzig, the region will be connected to one of the world’s largest Internet Exchanges, DE-CIX Frankfurt. This also integrates it into the wider global ecosystem and the reduced packet run-time between connected companies will lead to a more stable network for applications like cloud computing, VoIP connections, video, gaming, and music streaming, DE-CIX said.

Stephan Drescher, MD of envia TEL added: “DE-CIX Leipzig connects us with international data exchange points via the shortest route. Let’s compare DE-CIX Leipzig with air traffic: The data exchange point in Leipzig is like a destination that now has direct routes coming in from all over the world. Transfer airports are no longer needed. This means that in the future, data will no longer have to make a stopover at a remote exchange point; instead, there will be a direct connection to eastern Germany. This makes the Internet connections for the connected companies, municipalities, and schools in the region low-latency and thus faster, more stable, and of higher quality.

Robert Butz, MD of HLkomm, said: “Fast and stable Internet connections are an indispensable basis for successful digitalization and value creation. The DE-CIX Leipzig Internet Exchange will enable us to combine high-performance Internet connections with security and cloud solutions on the basis of our data centers.” With its PŸUR Business brand, HLkomm from Leipzig is known in central Germany primarily as a carrier and solutions provider.

“Through the nationwide fiber optic cable network of the Tele Columbus Group, our customers based outside of the region will also benefit from the new premium connection,” added Butz

DE-CIX Leipzig is scheduled to go into operation in Q4 2022.

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