Enterprise IoT network launches with £2m revenue target

Enterprise IoT network launches with £2m revenue target

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Wireless Logic Group expects first year revenues for its enterprise-grade IoT mobile network to reach £2 million.

Speaking to Capacity on the launch of Conexa, the group's head of MVNO Paul Bullock, said subsequent growth is expected to outpace the industry's compound annual growth rate.

“This network has been built for enterprise businesses and those looking to roll out a global IoT deployment. Wireless Logic’s revenue target in year one is £2 million with rapid growth thereafter ahead of industry CAGR.”

Conexa is an enterprise-grade mobile network built specifically for the Internet of Things, with a single SIM for global deployments. Wireless Logic said it is designed to provide secure, resilient and flexible connectivity for companies deploying IoT devices and applications anywhere in the world.

Bullock said: “Wireless Logic has seven key leading MNO suppliers providing the backbone to Conexa as well as its own direct roaming footprint. It can call on its 41 network partners on an as-needed basis to enhance Conexa solutions. In each case, Conexa integrates with these operators at the signalling level and uses both IMSI donation and eSIM profile donation. These methods provide the Conexa platform the highest degree of end-to-end control and diagnostic insight possible."

Conexa offers several connectivity solutions, network control and security services for global, national and regional deployments. It provides single or multi-network options and commercial models suited to both low and high data use according to application type.

Bullock continued: “As Conexa is now our core network, we will be able to offer network access for global and global deployments far more efficiently. A single global SIM enables solutions to be deployed and activated anywhere in the world. It is far more portable and dynamically scalable.”

Oliver Tucker, co-founder and CEO, Wireless Logic said in a statement: “Mobile networks, and the infrastructure around them, were largely developed before the IoT existed, at a time when only the voice and data needs of people needed to be met.

“The IoT has particular requirements and for it to continue to grow, innovate and thrive, companies need a simple way to deploy and manage their solutions. That requires specific on-SIM, on-device and core network IoT services which is why Conexa is built for the IoT and aggregates the world’s best 4G, 5G and LPWAN radio networks,” Tucker continued.

Conexa is intended to meet the procurement, manufacturing, and logistics challenges that IoT companies face by providing flexible and scalable implementation, integration and day-to-day operation.

On enterprise IoT deployments to mid-decade, Bullock added: “The IoT cellular connectivity market should maintain its 13-18% SIM CAGR. We foresee large enterprise projects increasing in pace as cellular IoT has become a mainstream component of supply chain harmonisation and project ROI continues to improve.”

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