CarrierX appoints Andrew Nickerson as CEO

CarrierX appoints Andrew Nickerson as CEO

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CarrierX has appointed Andrew Nickerson as its new CEO following the departure of David Ericson from the company.

Ericson leaves the company after 20 years in telecoms and said Nickerson’s appointment will be “essential to CarrierX’s next stage of growth and success”.

Nickerson, himself a 20-year telecoms veteran, joined the company as CEO on March 15 and has previously held roles in the CPaaS market, including Skype and Microsoft.

Nickerson will be based out of the company’s Long Beach headquarters and will report to the CarrierX board.

Mr. Nickerson said: “I’m very excited to join CarrierX and continue its long history of advancing global consumer communication services and infrastructure.

“All consumers, regardless of income or location, should have access to CarrierX’s advanced communication platform.

“We are building this for everyone - service developers, wholesale and retail consumers - anywhere on the planet. There are entirely new business opportunities available to CarrierX - advertising, charitable support - that we are opening up and will grow in 2022.”

Nickerson also holds the role of CEO of WideVoice – a role he will keep while the company “evaluates strategic alternatives”.

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