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Petabit cables, electronic warfare and inside scoops from Ashley Yablon

We roundup the biggest stories of the week from the world’s first half petabit trans-Atlantic subsea cable to Russian electronic warfare.

Saf shares the details of his trip to MWC, which took place in Barcelona at the start of the month; Natalie explains how the world’s first half petabit trans-Atlantic subsea cable fits in with Meta's plans for the Metaverse; and Alan delves into the Viasat outage in Ukraine and the implications for telecoms infrastructure of all types.

Joining the conversation this week attorney-turned-whistle blower Ashley Yablon shares the inside scoop from his time as general counsel at ZTE's US subsidiary in Texas. Yablon informed the FBI that ZTE was illegally selling spy technology to Iran and the firm was fined $1.19 billion. There is more about Ashley Yablon and other issues facing ZTE in this news story here.

Season 4, episode 9 is presented by editor Melanie Mingas and edited by Richard Cosgrove. The episode features editor-at-large Alan Burkitt-Gray, deputy editor Natalie Bannerman and reporter Saf Malik.

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