Angola Cables goes live with latest Miami PoP

Angola Cables goes live with latest Miami PoP

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Angola Cables confirms the deployment of a new point of presence (PoP) in Miami which serves as an international cross-connectivity point between the US, Latin America, Europe and Africa.

The centralised location creates a digital intersection that connects several subsea cables and data centres to latency-efficient route paths that enables users to exchange traffic and expand their services globally both quickly and seamlessly.

“This is a game changer for those enterprises looking to expand their sphere of influence without the need for major capital investments into infrastructure and facilities,” said Angelo Gama, CEO of CEO Angola Cables.

“As these connections can be established and maintained remotely within a short period of time, almost anywhere in the world, customers can gain rapid access to other digital ecosystems and new markets.”

The Miami PoP gives Angola Cables the option to push data traffic via three strategically located subsea networks. These include the recently upgraded Monet Cable that offers connections into Latin America, Africa and Asia, with a cross-link to Africa via the SACS subsea cable system. While connections into Europe and Asia has be achieved via a direct connection to the EllaLink cable.

All this connectivity creates an ‘Atlantic ring’ that delivers high throughput capacity and low-latency connections for users wanting to transit large amounts of content at lower cost per bit and provide added resilience and redundancy as is the case with loop-based/mesh systems.

“Our global network can empower businesses with multiple routing options, with redundancy and flexibility – and deliver adaptable, high-capacity, low-latency routings to the Americas, Africa, Europe or Asia using the Miami PoP,” added Gama.

On top of this infrastructure, Angola Cables offer content players, financial and research institutions and private company networks such services as IP- Exchange, which allows the exchange of traffic with 20+ global IXPs through a single connection.

In addition, the company also offers dedicated interchange connections to data centre infrastructure and services with providers such as Equinix, Interxion, Teraco, Ascenty, Digital Realty, to name a few.

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