Blu Wireless in 5G licence-free millimetre-wave security trial

Blu Wireless in 5G licence-free millimetre-wave security trial

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Blu Wireless

Millimetre-wave company Blu Wireless is to test outdoor 5G services in France, using licence-free spectrum for a high-security installation

UK-based Blu Wireless is working with French companies Mentor Consultant, Lynceo and 4G Technology, which are all security specialists, in a project at Cergy, in the suburbs of Paris.

The four companies will be using spectrum in the 57-71GHz band, which the French regulator, Arcep, has made licence-free. Radio at that band has a wavelength of 4-5mm.

Alan Jones (pictured), CEO of Blu Wireless, said: “The 5G network deployed at Cergy demonstrates how millimetre-wave technology can overcome some of the common challenges faced by security and defence industries.”

He explained: “We have created a high-performance, reliable mesh network that overcomes any possible line-of-sight issues, can be deployed rapidly and is suitable for diverse applications, including 8K video.”

Blu Wave said the Cergy testbed “is accelerating the rollout of innovative applications that require high speed, low latency, and network flexibility”.

Mentor Consultant, also based in the Paris suburbs, last year said it was working with Orange on project management of security sites for the French armed forces.

Lynceo is a design office specialising in the protection of sensitive sites in energy, defence and other industries. 4G Technology founded in 2008, specialises in the development of security and surveillance products for sensitive sites.

Blu Wave said the “high-capacity, point-to-multipoint backhaul installation at Cergy has put 5G planning straight into action with the help of cost-effective millimetre-wave technology”.

It said the technology is “a key enabler for 5G, providing scalability, flexibility, and ease of implementation, driving innovation across multiple industries, particularly in high-speed transport, public safety, smart cities and defence”.

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