T-Systems launches exclusive Swiss cloud platform

T-Systems launches exclusive Swiss cloud platform

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T-Systems is increasing its reach in Europe with the launch of the Swiss Open Telekom Cloud, developed specifically for Switzerland.

The IT provider now offers three cloud regions with service availability of 99.95%, the firm has announced.

The platform offers a comparable service to public and private sector employees who handle sensitive data such as doctors, lawyers and health insurance companies.

With the data protection guidelines in Switzerland, T-Systems says the Swiss Open Telekom Cloud is the ideal fit for strictly regulated industries such as finance and insurance.

"By expanding our offering to Switzerland, we are consistently continuing the growth of the Open Telekom Cloud,” Adel al Saleh, CEO of T-Systems.

"All data will be processed and stored exclusively in Swiss data centres, preserving the national data sovereignty of Switzerland and its economy."

The Open Telekom Cloud first opened its twin-core data centres in Magdeburg and Biere in 2014 and last year it expanded to Amsterdam. It adds that these facilities are among the most modern and secure facilities in the world.

The company adds that the platform offers companies in Switzerland the resources to meet their needs for scalable IT resources while ensuring full control and sovereignty over their data.

This applies to both the physical security of data centres and the strict compliance with data security in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR).

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