VMware supports Millicom (Tigo) in its multi-cloud journey

VMware supports Millicom (Tigo) in its multi-cloud journey


Millicom (Tigo) has selected VMware for the unification of its disparate IT operations and to support its multi-cloud ambitions due to the complexity of its networks.

Before engaging with VMware, Tigo’s IT, Telco and B2B teams from various geographic operations and business units were functioning independently, each operating their own cloud environment without a common governance, operating model, or technology platform to enable Tigo to standardise its service delivery.

“Strategic technology partners like VMware will play a critical role in shaping the future of Tigo as we look to bring 5G and other edge technologies to Latin America," said Xavier Rocoplan, executive vice president and CTIO at Millicom.

"Deploying 5G services requires flexibility in how we move workloads across the network. VMware will help us achieve our agility and scalability needs more efficiently and continue to be our partner in the cloud transformation journey we started 3 years ago.”

Tigo chose VMware Cloud as its common private cloud infrastructure across its operations and business units and as such, Tigo says that it has become more agile and efficient by eliminating the disparate silos, reducing the time to market for deploying existing services and increased flexibility in introducing new services. At the same time, its team is gaining the cloud skills it needs to embrace new features in the future.

“Service providers across the globe are all at different stages in their network modernization journey. Tigo is laying a solid foundation for their digital transformation and on its way to monetizing 5G services that will change the way their customers work and live,” said Sanjay Uppal, senior vice president and general manager of VMware’s service provider & edge business unit.

In related news, February saw Millicom report strong performance growth for fourth quarter of 2021. The group reported revenue growth of 23.7% bringing the total to $1,347 million for the period. Operating revenue also went up 71.7% year-on-year to $212 million while net profit totalled $643 million, amounting to $6.41 per share.

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