BTS Group invests in MedUX and Grupo Link

BTS Group invests in MedUX and Grupo Link


BTS Group has announced two major investments to bolster its technological advancements with a majority stake in the MedUX and Grupo Link companies.

MedUX is a technology multinational based in Spain which provides global benchmarks for measuring user experience and quality parameters for telecoms networks and services. The company is focused on accelerating and developing new business areas and products related to ultra-fast networks such as 5G, Wi-Fi6, FTT and others.

Ricardo Olloqui, president and co-founder of BTS, commented at the time, “this new round of financing allows us to consolidate our position as an industrial partner and reference for MedUX, one of the main lines in our positioning strategy in the field of advanced network analytics and improving the customer experience.”

BTS first invested in MedUX in 2018 and according to Olloqui has the necessary capabilities “to turn this project into a main player in this market on all continents”. “This decision will allow us to generate great value and corporate growth, relying on the innovative capacity, talent and international vocation of MedUX and on the complementarity of portfolios with the BTS Group”.

At the same time, BTS Group has acquired a majority stake in Grupo Link, which specialises in the design and execution of digital transformation initiatives. Grupo Link's consulting services, project management and developing teams add value to the customer experience in telecom, retail, mass consumption and construction sectors.

According to the company, the combination of these strategic investments will "strengthen BTS' core competencies by accelerating the evolving trends in the market by addressing customer requirements for digital numbering capabilities as well as advance SMS Messaging Services".

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