Gold Data launches Gemini, mirrorhaul technology

Gold Data launches Gemini, mirrorhaul technology

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Latin American network provider, Gold Data has unveiled its latest innovation called Gemini, mirrorhaul technology which is patent pending.

According to the company, this new solution is expected to 'revolutionise' the delivery of high-capacity Ethernet services by guaranteeing near 100% availability and high quality critical backhaul circuits.

Gemini, mirrorhaul technology woks like a mirror by simultaneously transmitting the same traffic through two different routes, thus avoiding downtime that traditionally occurs in networks when failure happens and traffic must be rerouted. This effectively creates no downtime, packet loss, jitter or outages.

"Once again, Gold Data is at the forefront of innovation, launching Gemini, mirrorhaul technology, a solution that will be a game changer for providers and customers of super high-quality point-to-point Ethernet networks global," said Renato Tradardi, CEO of Gold Data.

The news comes as the need for high-quality traffic delivery is key for quality-sensitive use cases that are being deployed in verticals such as OTT/content, gaming, financial, healthcare, and video transport.

In addition, high-capacity transport, particularly in the Latin America region, as well as in developing countries, experience continuous fibre optic cuts and trigger constant switching in the network, which produces significant loss of data, that particularly affects the aforementioned industries.

In related news, earlier this week Gold Data was selected by Arelion to expand its reach and service portfolio throughout Latin America.

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