Deutsche Telekom and TIM among companies joining cloud programme

Deutsche Telekom and TIM among companies joining cloud programme

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European cloud providers have launched an initiative for common infrastructure that meet Gaia-X requirements.

28 companies and organisations across Europe including Deutsche Telekom and TIM Group have agreed to make their cloud services Gaia-X compliant in what is called the Lighthouse Structura-X project.

Gaia-X is an initiative that develops a software framework of control and governance and implements a common set of policies and rules that can be applied to any existing cloud/ edge technology stack to obtain transparency, controllability, portability and interoperability across data and services.

The framework is meant to be deployed on top of any existing cloud platform that decides to adhere to the Gaia-X standard.

“We very much welcome the initiative of the infrastructure providers," said Max Ahrens, chairman of the board of directors of Gaia-X.

"The industrial implementation of the Gaia-X standards by cloud and infrastructure providers is an essential building block for functioning data sovereignty in Europe."

The Lighthouse Structura-X project compliments previous lighthouse initiatives for the automotive sector, agriculture and finance with initial certified offerings expected to be ready by the middle of the year.

Structura-X has urged more CSPs to join the programme with a common goal of shaping existing infrastructure services into an eco-system for European data sovereignty.

It says an overarching European cloud infrastructure is being created and users will be able to test and deploy their services and data rooms in a Gaia-X approved infrastructure.

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