Street lights come on for Vantage Towers in Portugal

Street lights come on for Vantage Towers in Portugal

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Vantage Towers is working with a Portuguese company to build wireless infrastructure into street lamps

Vantage, which has 3,500 towers in Portugal, is partnering with Smartlamppost, which describes itself as a company dedicated to the development of technological solutions for urban infrastructures.

João Faria, chief growth officer of Smartlamppost, said that cities will have “an integrated solution for the orderly expansion of 5G technology”.

They will also be able to upgrade telecoms as needed, said Faria, and change “the provision of services at street level, serving as an accelerator in the implementation of smart cities”.

Vantage Towers said in a statement that it aims through the partnership to “leverage new technological connectivity solutions for people, companies and services, namely through public lighting posts, enhancing and diversifying their use and democratizing access at various levels”.

This will provide customers with “the best connectivity locations nationwide”, said Paolo Favaro, executive director of Vantage Towers Portugal.

Vantage Towers said it intends to reinforce its positioning as a company that provides innovative products “in terms of housing and hosting outside urban areas”.

The company said: “The two entities bring together the conditions and specialised knowhow for the development of synergies with a view to implementing connectivity solutions that contribute to improving the daily lives of the Portuguese at all levels.”

The companies have not specified how many lamp-posts are likely to be converted to cellular base stations following the agreement.

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