Oracle to spearhead Vodafone UK’s 5G network policy

Oracle to spearhead Vodafone UK’s 5G network policy

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Oracle will lead Vodafone UK’s network policy for its standalone 5G network, the operator has revealed.

As part of the new partnership, Oracle says Vodafone will be able to make more intelligent policy decisions and quickly test and deploy several new 5G offerings.

This includes holographic calls, 5G game streaming without lag time and film downloads at up to four times faster than 4G networks.

“Moving to ‘cloud native’ is a culture shift as much as it is a technology shift for a techcomms company like Vodafone,” said Andrea Dona, chief network officer, Vodafone UK.

“Our partners must demonstrate flexibility and agility, as well as aligning to our vision of how technology will augment and support tomorrow’s digital society.”

The solution prioritises low-latency applications to edge data networks while optimising network policies based on data analytics.

Through the partnership, Vodafone adds that it can provide a “seamless” experience across 4G and 5G networks while delivering integration of its new 5G services. The solution will be deployed by Oracle.

Andrew Morawski, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Communications Networks said: “5G undoubtedly opens the door for endless new ways to engage with our world, but intelligent policy management is the entryway to capitalise on these opportunities.

“Our 5G and cloud capabilities are helping Vodafone to build a future-proof network that is automated, easier to scale, simpler to operate, and more cost-effective.”

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