Seacom looks to Africell for enterprise infrastructure partnership

Seacom looks to Africell for enterprise infrastructure partnership

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Seacom will acquire selected infrastructure assets from Africell in Uganda as the company continues to expand its East African footprint.

The acquisition is a “significant step” according to Seacom as it looks to continue providing end-to-end connectivity and ICT solutions across the region.

The company says it is poised to take over a comprehensive portfolio of infrastructure essential for connecting enterprise customers. This includes 760km of fibre within the Ugandan capital of Kampala and surrounding towns, a 250 square metre data centre, and office space for Seacom representatives and staff members.

“East Africa has been an important market for Seacom ever since we first arrived on the shores of Mombasa in 2009,” explained Tejpal Bedi, managing director and regional head of sales for Seacom ENEA.

Seacom has provided its wholesale proposition to Uganda since its inception in 2019 and corporate solutions since 2018.

The service provider enjoys a large footprint in Uganda’s financial services sector and works with government and non-governmental organisations including those in the education, technology and hospitality sectors.

"By officially establishing ourselves in Uganda through proprietary facilities and resources, we are prioritising widespread connectivity and opening up opportunities to work with businesses in search of quality Internet services,” Bedi added.

Uganda is home to a thriving private sector and its internet penetration rate is growing with competitive connectivity prices compared to other countries in Africa.

The acquisition of established infrastructure will allow Seacom to further expand its presence in Africa and to provide integration for clients across Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania with decreasing reliance on third-party providers.

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