Orange announces 5G Lab in Liege

Orange announces 5G Lab in Liege

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Orange Belgium has joined forces with La Grand Poste to create another 5G lab in Liege which will open in the first half of 2022.

After the opening of its 5G Lab in Antwerp in October 2021, Orange Belgium announced a partnership with the Grande Poste of Liege to unveil its latest lab.

The firm says that the objective of the 5G lab will be to “demystify this new technology and demonstrate its possibilities and applications”.

The lab will also be used to develop and test out new 5G applications in collaboration with its customers, prospects and partners.

Werner De Laet, chief enterprise, innovation and wholesale officer of Orange Belgium said: "After the opening of our first Lab in Antwerp and its great success in generating a positive dynamic in the region, we are delighted to be able to develop 5G and its applications in Wallonia as well, and especially in the exceptional framework of La Grand Poste.

“There we will be able to facilitate the innovation and creativity of local actors and demonstrate 5G’s potential in a fully transparent manner, while basing ourselves on a first-class national and international network.

“Moreover, this approach supports the Walloon economic recovery plan and fits within its objectives to support start-ups, stimulate innovation, foster sustainability and assist training and economic development." 

The lab comprises 8000m squared of total surface area including private offices, 200 coworking spaces and many multimedia studios.

Just like in its Antwerp lab, Orange Belgium’s experts will support the development of new solutions on 5G by furnishing information and pilot projects while also enabling those interested in the technology to try out its functionalities.

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