Five things to know January 13: Zain teams with Infovista, GBI deploys Ciena's GeoMesh, Luner launches 'ultimate' SIM

Five things to know January 13: Zain teams with Infovista, GBI deploys Ciena's GeoMesh, Luner launches 'ultimate' SIM

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Zain Jordan teams with Infovista for benchmarking

Zain Jordan has selected Infovista’s TEMS Sense to provide mobile network testing, benchmarking, planning and optimisation solutions.

By collaborating with Infovista, Zain Jordan says it will be equipped with market-leading solutions to examine the service quality from an end-user perspective.

“We are excited to be providing Zain Jordan with a state-of-the-art autonomous network testing and benchmarking solution which includes data collection and analysis across the Kingdom,” said Faiq Khan, president of global networks Europe, Asia and Africa at Infovista.

“Measuring end-user experience is a crucial tool not only to verify network performance but also for informing decision-making around planning future network investments.”

GBI partners with Ciena to improve smart network

Gulf Bridge International (GBI) is deploying Ciena’s GeoMesh Extreme to increase its smart network capacity and performance. 

The upgrade will help GBI to meet the demanding internet traffic requirements between the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, Europe and India. 

It will also help to prepare the region for major upcoming sporting events including the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. 

Ciena’s WaveLogic 5 Extreme coherent optical technology will allow us to maximize the use of our fibre assets, ensuring a great quality of service for our customers,” said Cengiz Oztelcan, Chief Executive Officer, GBI.

“We are excited to continue to expand our relationship with Ciena. GBI can now add significant capacity and intelligence to the network to meet requirements from customers including Internet Content Providers (ICPs).”

Honeywell expands cybersecurity portfolio with threat defence solution

Honeywell has launched a new solution designed to detect known and unknown attacks across operational environments in commercial buildings. 

The Honeywell Threat Defence Platform (HDTP) is powered by Alcalvio Technologies and features autonomous deceptions tactics designed to outsmart attackers. 

HDTP uses deception tactics to confuse and mislead threats away from critical assets and devices and makes operational devices harder to find. 

Honeywell global director of cybersecurity Mirel Sehic said: "The quantity and complexity of cyberattacks, unfortunately, are increasing every day, reinforcing the need for building owners and operators to rigorously monitor, maintain and protect their OT environments.”

"Incorporating Acalvio's autonomous deception technology into our OT cybersecurity toolbelt provides a highly effective solution to help protect our customers' buildings from increasingly sophisticated attacks."

Alkira reveals Aruba integration

Alkira has announced the integration of Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN with its cloud networking service.

Edge application traffic traversing the SD-WAN fabric to the cloud can now be symmetrically steered using Alkira’s CSX portal as part of the partnership.

The portal provides operational controls across the entire cloud network deployment and gives customers powerful visibility, governance, control and troubleshooting tools.

Atif Khan, CTO at Alkira said: “Enterprises are struggling with the complexity of cloud migration, unified network segmentation and the implementation of stateful security services.

“Aruba EdgeConnect solves the edge-to-cloud connectivity problem, and Alkira CSX solves the segmentation and security issues using intent-based policies and firewalls. We connect the dots so customers don’t have to.”  

Luner launches ‘ultimate’ IoT SIM 

Luner has launched its ‘ultimate’ IoT SIM which brings easier and more cost-effective IoT connectivity to developers and SMEs.

The SIM provides customers with 500MB of data over a usage period of five years for a flat rate payment of £10.

It offers coverage from more than 130 network providers across Europe with customers also able to access a full API suite.

Nicola Pickard, business development director of Luner said: “Luner’s mission has always been to provide developers and SMEs with the ability to get connected quickly with fantastic flexibility and control. 

“We are very excited to launch our brand-new flat rate Ultimate IoT SIM which has the added benefit of being extremely cost-effective and look forward to enabling our customers to further develop their IoT projects with ease.” 

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