Digital 9 to expand Iceland’s Verne Global data centre by 20MW

Verne-Global 16.9.jpg

UK infrastructure investor Digital 9 is to spend a further US$93 million on the Verne Global data centre in Iceland, which it bought in September 2021.

The investor said the extra funds will allow Verne Global (pictured) to add a further 20.7MW to the data centre’s capacity over the next year.

The data centre is already under construction and is expected to start generating revenue in the third quarter of this year, said Digital 9 in an announcement to shareholders. Digital 9 acquired Verne Global in September 2021 for £231 million. 

Digital 9 is the company that floated its shares on the London Stock Exchange in 2021, having already agreed to buy subsea company Aqua Comms for $215 million.

In December 2021 Digital 9 said it had spent £15 million buying SeaEdge UK1, a data centre asset and subsea fibre landing station in Newcastle on the north-east coast of England.

Digital 9 said this week that the extra investment in Verne Global will add a new 8.2MW data hall and a further 12.5MW of repurposed capacity.