HMN Tech finalises marine installation of SHARE cable

HMN Tech finalises marine installation of SHARE cable

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HMN Tech has completed the marine installation of the Senegal Horn of Africa Regional Express (SHARE) subsea cable system, with landfalls in both Senegal and Cape Verde.

Funded by the Senegalese government and operated by the Agence De l’Informatique de l’Etat (ADIE or Agency Of Information Technology of the State), the 720km system has a total design capacity of 16Tbps between Dakar in Senegal, and Praia in Cape Verde.

“SHARE Cable, the first submarine optical cable totally owned by the Senegalese State, offers a great strategic opportunity to Senegal and the west African region to have more Internet capacities and better resilience," said Cheikh Bakhoum, CEO of ADIE.

"Directly connecting to Cape Verde, Senegal is anticipating to become one of the Internet hubs in West Africa. ADIE, by operating a low-latency, high-quality and large-capacity optical submarine cable, is ready to provide to network operators and ISP enough Internet bandwidth that can benefits to both local residents and businesses to boost the digital economy development.”


Due to become ready for service in Q1 2022, the SHARE cable will supplement onward connectivity to Europe and South America via other international subsea cables that land in Cape Verde.

There is also the potential for future connectivity options to other nations in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) through a branch unit.

“We are pleased to achieve completion of marine installation activities which, in these challenging pandemic times is a testament to the deep working relationships with all our partners and ADIE. The SHARE cable will boost the region's digital economy and facilitate the development of Smart Senegal,” said Ma Yanfeng, executive vice president of HMN Tech.

"HMN Tech remains committed to developing reliable innovative technology that promotes industry evolution and accelerates the world’s digital transformation.”

In related news, September saw HMN Tech launch the Hainan to Hong Kong Express (H2HE) subsea cable that features the world’s first 16 fibre pair repeatered system.

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