Musk’s Starlink told to refund all Indian pre-orders

Musk’s Starlink told to refund all Indian pre-orders


Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite internet venture has been informed by the Indian government to refund all pre-orders in the country.

This comes after India’s government advised its citizens not to subscribe to SpaceX’s Internet Services until it receives an operating license in the country.

The company had registered its business in India at the start of November last year and has already received over 5,000 pre-orders for its devices in India despite struggling to receive a commercial license to operate in the country.

"Unfortunately, the timeline for receiving licences to operate is currently unknown, and there are several issues that must be resolved with the licensing framework to allow us to operate Starlink in India," the company said in an email to its customers according to Reuters.

"The Starlink team is looking forward to making Starlink available in India as soon as possible," it added.

Starlink is planning to apply for a license to operate in India by the end of January according to its head of Indian operations Sanjay Bhargava.

The firm plans to deploy 200,000 devices in India by April of this year with a heavy focus on rural areas.

In May of last year, Musk said Starlink had already received half a million orders for its broadband services.

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