DE-CIX upgrades for 800 gigabit Ethernet era with Nokia kit

DE-CIX upgrades for 800 gigabit Ethernet era with Nokia kit

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DE-CIX is to upgrade its Frankfurt operation to make it suitable for the era of 800 gigabit Ethernet.

The internet exchange (IX), which has more than 35 different locations in Frankfurt alone, said it is working with Nokia on the upgrade.

Thomas King (pictured), CTO at DE-CIX, said: “Through our partnership with Nokia, we have access to hardware of the latest generation to future-proof our platform and offer our customers reliable and seamless peering and interconnection services over the long term.”

DE-CIX said it is upgrading the edge routers in Frankfurt to new Nokia 7750 SR-14s models. “Alongside other optimizations, this will equip the IX for the future,” said DE-CIX, which is owned by Eco, Association of the Internet Industry.

DE-CIX, which has over 1100 connected networks in Frankfurt and and a peak load of close to 11Tbps data throughput, is the largest IX in Europe.

King said: “DE-CIX is well-known as a technology leader with the capability to build and operate a modern, scalable infrastructure. … With the broad portfolio of Nokia equipment, we can without a problem build IXs of any size – an important pillar of our global expansion strategy.”

Nokia’s Ken Kutzler, VP of its IP routing hardware business, said: “Working with DE-CIX is really special for us. Together, we regularly push the limits of current technology and we’re proud to continue our innovative partnership. … DE-CIX can continue to expect best-in-class performance, smooth operations and a future-proof platform.”

DE-CIX said it will start the upgrade before the end of 2021 and it expects to complete the work in the second quarter of 2022.




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