Japanese railways link fibre to connect JPIX and subsea cables

Japanese railways link fibre to connect JPIX and subsea cables

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Three Japanese railway companies are connecting their fibre capacity to Japan Internet Exchange (JPIX).

According to Kanako Nanami, peering coordinator at JPIX, the three railway companies from western Japan are collaborating to create a comprehensive network interconnection covering whole Osaka/Kinki area.

The three fibre operations are Kintetsu Cable Network, which is a member of the Kintetsu Railway group (pictured), Hanshin Cable Engineering, a member of Hanshin Electric Railway, and JR West Optical Network, a member of West Japan Railway Company group.

Nanami, posting on LinkedIn, said the three provide “excellent access to major data centres of Equinix OS1, OS3 and NTT Dojima in urban Osaka”, and a “smooth connection between Osaka data centres and Ise-Shima international landing station”.

The Kintetsu Railway connects cities such as Kobe, Kyoto, Nagoya and Ise-Shima. The Hanshin Electric Railway connects Kobe, Osaka and other cities. The West Japan Railway links Hiroshima, Okayama and Osaka.

“They know how to fill the piece of network puzzle to satisfy all players’ needs,” said Nanami. There is an “uninterrupted network from the east to the west, the distance over 750km between Nagoya and Fukuoka”.



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