Yondr Group to build 40MW data centre in Frankfurt

Yondr Group to build 40MW data centre in Frankfurt

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Yondr Group, a global data centres provider, has announced plans to develop a data centre project in Frankfurt, Germany.

Once completed, the 40MW facility will join the company growing portfolio of global data centres which includes the recently announced 100MW data centre development in Slough, UK.

 “The last few years have seen aggressive expansion in Frankfurt due to increased cloud capacity demands," said Pete Jones, chief development officer and founder at Yondr Group. 

"The availability of this new metro will greatly support our clients’ growth and remove any constraints when it comes to scalability challenges.”

The new site will mark Yondr's entry into Frankfurt, which as part of the FLAP market, is expected to surpass 600MW of total supply this year, with 145MW of new supply expected to come online, according to a CBRE report.

In addition, the growing hyperscale cloud opportunities and capacity demands from multinational enterprises positions Frankfurt as a strategic location and a key part of Yondr’s global expansion plans.

“The data centre project proposed by Yondr is the largest and perhaps the most important development project for the City of Bischofsheim,” said Mayor Ingo Kalweit.

“With Yondr’s presence, Bischofsheim will become a digital infrastructure pillar and our community will greatly benefit from the influx in innovation.” 

As part of Yondr’s approach to data centre development, clients will be given access to cloud capacity at scale with space to expand.

The company has also made several biodiversity and community development commitments, part of the company's aim to create a lasting positive impact in the community it operates in. 

The project, located in the City of Bischofsheim, is expected to be ready for service by Q1 2024.

In related news, July saw Yondr form a $1 billion joint venture with Everstone Group to open hyperscale data centres in India.

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