BT Group launches new company-wide manifesto

BT Group launches new company-wide manifesto

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BT Group has published a new company-wide manifesto that focuses on its efforts to build a better business for its customers, the economy and society at large.

The new BT Group manifesto outlines the action the business is taking, and the measurable commitments it has put in place, to create greater impact with a clear commercial agenda that is responsible, inclusive and sustainable.

This includes increasing access to transformative technology and ultrafast networks, building a bigger, more diverse talent pool and driving the faster adoption of sustainable practices.

“The BT Group Manifesto is about using our scale and technology to enact real change that the world desperately needs while simultaneously growing our business by staying true to our purpose: we connect for good," said Philip Jansen (pictured), chief executive at BT Group.

The manifesto also sets the agenda for future initiatives, ensuring all BT Group activity will supports a more sustainable future.

The company has existing goals to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030 and to help 25 million in the UK improve their digital skills by 2025. As part of the manifesto, the business aims to help its customers reduce their own carbon emissions by 60 million tonnes by 2030, build towards a circular BT by 2030 and launch a new movement to improve the UK’s diverse digital talent pipeline.

“Crucially, this is not just a sustainability plan, it’s an agenda for growth and commercial success that recognises that we will only succeed if we help solve some of the problems faced by the societies and customers we serve," added Jansen.

“This will be achieved through the creation of products and services that directly address those problems and by doing it in a responsible, inclusive and sustainable way. For BT Group, this isn’t just good, it’s fundamental to our growth path.”

Additionally, the BT Group has outlined a series of commitments:

  1. Responsible, which aims to provide better access to new technology that earns trust and transforms lives through such means as expanding BT Group’s Responsible Tech Principles, continuing to heavily invest in research and development in areas such as healthcare, data, and AI, and to launch a diverse digital talent movement.

  2. Inclusive, which aims to help the future of tech to be more inclusive and diverse by extending its target to help 25 million people to improve their digital skills by 2026, extending the build of ultrafast full fibre broadband to reach 25 million homes and businesses by 2026 & increase EE’s 5G network coverage to 90% of the UK by 2028, implementing a 50% gender split among colleagues by 2030, 25% from a non-white background and 17% with a disability.

  3. Sustainable, which will drive quicker progress towards a circular world with net zero emissions. Specifically, the company will enable customers avoid 60 million tonnes of CO2 by 2030 through technologies such as full fibre, 5G, Cloud Computing and Internet of Things, and by building towards a circular BT by 2030 and a circular tech and telco ecosystem by 2040.

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