Ericsson and Telstra use spectrum sharing to deploy 5 radio access technologies

Emilio Romeo - Ericsson 16.9.jpg

Ericsson has partnered Telstra to complete the first successful deployment of Radio 4480 with 5 radio access technologies at Ballarat, Victoria in Australia.

The radio solution simplifies the management of multiple generations of technology on Telstra base stations, by simultaneously supporting five key 3GPP radio access technologies of 3G, 4G, 5G, Cat-M and NB-IoT across two spectrum bands, using the Ericsson Spectrum Sharing solution.

The Radio 4480 gives Telstra a lower installation footprint while also delivering improved energy efficiency, future proofing, and sustainability. In addition to Radio 4480, this industry leading solution is now also available on other Ericsson Radio System FDD radios.

“This latest innovation with Telstra reinforces how we are continuing to lead technological innovation on a global scale," said Emilio Romeo (pictured), head of Ericsson, Australia and New Zealand.

"We share Telstra’s long-term commitment to providing Australians in regional and rural communities with the best coverage and the latest technologies and we are proud to be able to provide a solution that combines deployment efficiency with the best Telstra customer experience.”

Thanks to the new Radio 4480, Telstra will be able to deliver expanded 5G coverage for customers in both the cities, including regional areas.

In addition, as the Radio 4480 also supports existing 3G, 4G and IoT services, Telstra will be able to deliver the benefits of 5G earlier while maintaining existing services. With the eventual closure of the 3G network in 2024, the Radio 4480 with 5 radio access technologies will allow 3G spectrum to be reconfigured for 5G via simple software configuration changes and no return to site.

“With our 5G network now reaching more than 75% of Australians, this innovation will ensure that we can continue to provide the best coverage possible to all communities," said Chris Meissner network engineering director, customer access at Telstra.

"Ericsson’s Radio 4480 with 5 radio access technologies support will allow us to grow 5G coverage in an efficient and scalable manner, whilst maintaining existing services customers rely on today. This will ensure more Australians can benefit from the emerging digital economy that 5G helps to deliver.”

Specifically, the new Radio 4480 with 5 radio access technologies will support Telstra’s Band 28 for 4G, 5G, Cat-M and NB-IoT with Ericsson Spectrum Sharing, and Band 5 for 3G and 5G.