Chunghwa Telecom and Viettel-CHT partner on cloud for Vietnamese enterprises

Chunghwa Telecom and Viettel-CHT partner on cloud for Vietnamese enterprises

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Chunghwa Telecom (Chunghwa) and Viettel-CHT have signed a contract with Viettel-CHT to serve as Chunghwa's public cloud service partner.

The collaboration will be used to facilitate public cloud services and cloud-based applications in Vietnam. Specifically, both parties will work together on assisting local businesses to implement digital solutions like IoT, AI, Big Data, cyber security, cloud-network convergence as well as other advanced technologies.

This follows the ongoing digital transformation of Vietnam market, in the industries such as smart manufacturing, smart healthcare and FinTech.

“Public cloud market and business opportunity in Vietnam is growing rapidly," said Ngoc Hoang, chief executive officer at Viettel-CHT.

"Through this cooperation between two parties, Viettel-CHT is welcoming Chunghwa Telecom’s experiences in public cloud operation and technical resources and capabilities, by which will help to meet the diverse needs of Vietnamese customers in the cloud better, contribute to accelerating the speed and efficiency of digital transformation for organisations and businesses, so hopefully in short time Viettel-CHT will become the leading multi -cloud service provider in Vietnam market and expand our services internationally.”

Viettel-CHT is a joint venture between Chunghwa Telecom and Viettel Group formed thirteen years ago. Using the technology capabilities, best practices and well-established public cloud ecosystem of Chunghwa Telecom, it will diversify Viettel-CHT's service ecosystem and position the company as an infrastructure provider for digital transformation in Vietnam.

“Viettel-CHT has been dedicated telecommunications markets in Vietnam and dozens of countries, understanding the markets as well as recognising the recent trends, so we are glad to see it has become the number one when comes to IDC and cloud services for the local market in just a few years," said Hsueh-Lan Wu, president of international business group at Chunghwa Telecom.

"We are optimistic and have a deep faith that this very cooperation can not only benefit Viettel-CHT from welcoming the best-in-class technologies of Chunghwa Telecom but to grow consistently as a company, leading over the public cloud market in Vietnam, and being the ambassador to advocate the idea of digital transformation.”

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