Ekinops snaps up SixSq to boost software and edge offering

Ekinops snaps up SixSq to boost software and edge offering

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Network access and virtualization specialist Ekinops has acquired the Geneva-based start-up SixSq, software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider for edge computing.

The development was described by Ekinops as a key step in the development of its software business. Ekinops said it aims to generate "at least 20% to 30% of its revenue" from software and services within three years.

Although no value was disclosed for the deal, however it will bring a capital boost for SiqSq, which will be used to increase its sales operation and R&D activities at the Geneva headquarters.

SixSq is expected to contribute €1m to €2m in revenue in 2022 from its software business and the company is targeting triple-digit growth in the coming years.

“Our solution, already productized, offers a unique value proposition to various verticals such as industry, mass retail and telecoms. For us, joining Ekinops is an enormous accelerator,” said Marc-Elian Bégin, co-founder and CEO of SixSq.

“Thanks to Ekinops’ support, we now have the firepower to rapidly move into the B2B market, focusing on large accounts and telecom operators. We have already identified opportunities. The market has been waiting for this type of solution, so the timing is perfect.”

SixSq offers a way for businesses to take advantage of edge computing. Complementing Cloud computing, the SixSq solution enables smart data processing directly on the company’s site.

The range comprises the Nuvla.io marketplace, which hosts all types of business applications in container format, and the NuvlaBox software, which converts enterprise routers or other open hardware platforms capable of processing data into smart edge systems.

The Nuvla.io marketplace makes available to all NuvlaBoxes deployed in the field inside enterprises all the applications it hosts in the Cloud, similar to the App Store or Play Store for consumers. This way, SixSq makes it possible for all software vendors to reach the enterprise market and sell their innovative software applications.

Ekinops and SixSq solutions are already integrated through the Ekinops virtualization offering (OneOS6-LIM). Next, the goal is to integrate NuvlaBox software directly into OneOS6 middleware. All OneOS6 routers will be able to run “container” business applications, downloaded via the Nuvla.io marketplace. Combined with its new 5G routers, Ekinops will make artificial intelligence available to all companies and use cases, particularly for the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and smart retail.

“After enriching OneOS6 middleware with SD-WAN and SBC solutions, it is now possible to extend it to all types of applications through the integration of NuvlaBox into OneOS6 and access to the Nuvla.io marketplace. The possibilities are infinite!” said Didier Brédy (pictured), CEO of Ekinops.

“We are looking forward to presenting this opportunity to our telecom operator customers. It is a new way for them to monetise their presence at enterprise branch sites through our OneOS6 routers.”

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