Hispasat secures capacity on Eutelsat Konnect satellite

Hispasat secures capacity on Eutelsat Konnect satellite

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Eutelsat Communications and Hispasat have entered into a multi-year agreement for wholesale capacity on the Eutelsat Konnect satellite.

The aim of the collaboration is to support universal access to high-speed fixed broadband in Spain and Portugal. Specifically, the capacity will be used to promote initiatives to bridge the digital divide in Spain and Portugal, that Hispasat has already implemented.

Under the agreement, Hispasat will complement its existing capacities with those of the Eutelsat Konnect satellite over the two countries, as result operating in collaboration with Eutelsat and offering broadband connectivity services at 100Mbps to telecoms operators and Internet service providers.

“We are delighted by this strategic deal with our long-standing partner, Hispasat," said Rodolphe Belmer (pictured), chief executive officer of Eutelsat.

"Coming after wholesale agreements covering France and Italy, and a distribution deal for Germany, this latest commitment by a satellite operator to cover the territories of Spain and Portugal confirms the relevance of powerful, cost-efficient next generation geostationary satellites as an immediate solution to the ubiquitous deployment of reliable, high-speed broadband.”

Effective immediately, Hispasat has confirmed that the Iberian capacity on Eutelsat Konnect is now the exclusive operator and distributor of its connectivity in Spain and Portugal. As such, the agreement represents a high-single digit €m annual revenue stream once at capacity. Looking ahead, the agreement could be extended to accommodate additional capacity in the future.

The news follows wholesale contracts Eutelsat formed with Orange in France and TIM in Italy for capacity covering their respective markets, and the recent distribution agreement with Deutsche Telekom for Germany.

 “Digitalisation cannot be addressed without having guaranteed connectivity everywhere first. Satellite technology has evolved and permits Internet access at 100 Mbps immediately from any location, no matter how inaccessible it is," said Miguel Ángel Panduro, CEO of Hispasat.

"At Hispasat we are fully committed to the goal of providing all citizens Internet access and contributing to digitalising economic activity regardless of geographic location. That’s why we have entered into this partnership with Eutelsat to complement our current capacity”.

Live since November 2020, Eutelsat Konnect has a total capacity of 75Gbps, offering speeds of up to 100Mbps.

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