Veon partners with Amdocs for digital services in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan

Veon partners with Amdocs for digital services in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan

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Veon and Amdocs have today announced a seven-year agreement that will enable digital services for Veon customers in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

The agreement will allow Veon’s Beeline mobile operators in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan to launch “transformational” digital services and personalised experiences in the region. 

This will be done through the deployment of Amdocs’s microservices-based monetisation and commerce suites using technology based on cloud-ready architecture.

Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan are fast-growing markets for Veon and its Beeline brand according to the company. As of 30 June 2021, over 56% of Veon’s 6.7 million customers in Uzbekistan are 4G subscribers with access to digital services, while in Kazakhstan the number is over 58% of 10 million customers.

"The ability to innovate, provision and adapt the digital services we can offer our customers is at the core of this journey,” Kaan Terzioglu, CEO of Veon Group said of the partnership.

“Amdocs is a long-term trusted partner of Veon and will accompany us on our way to digital innovation. This agreement will give us the business agility and IT velocity we need in our digital operator transformation."

Veon currently operates in nine countries and has 213.7 million subscribers and serves18.8 million users with digital content. Veon also says it has a total reach of 28 million mobile users through self-care mobile apps.

Under the agreement, Amdocs will provide new monetisation, service and network automation solutions and will enable new multi-channel front ends for digital services.

"The seamless introduction of new digital services, with fast time to market and personalised experiences, will enable consumers in these markets to take advantage of the next-generation of communication and media experiences, as well as lay the foundations for future growth and innovation,” said Shuky Sheffer, president and CEO of Amdocs.

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