Omantel connects network infra using Ciena 800G technology

Omantel connects network infra using Ciena 800G technology

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Omantel has deployed Ciena WaveLogic 5 Extreme 800G coherent optical technology to connect key network infrastructure across its network.

Specifically, Omantel has connected data centres, submarine cable landing stations and telecom exchanges in various regions across the Sultanate in order to meet the rapid increase in network traffic.

“Amidst the fast-digital transformation in Oman, in line with the Sultanate’s Vision 2040 goals, we are witnessing a surge in bandwidth demand. Ciena’s 800G technology will help pave the way for enhanced high-speed network capabilities for our clients across the Sultanate on various domains like 5G, wholesale, cloud, ICT and IoT services," said Samy Al Ghassany (pictured), chief operating officer at Omantel.

"As Omantel prepares its network to handle the next generation of connectivity, we actively collaborate with partners, like Ciena, to jointly architect a scalable and programmable network foundation so we can set the scene for a more digitally connected society.”

Omantel is rolling out Ciena’s WaveLogic 5 Extreme (WL5e) programmable 800G technology over a 6500 reconfigurable line system using optical control plane for enhanced resiliency.

WL5e provides a step-function improvement in network performance and economic benefits, doubling wavelength capacity and halving space/power requirements compared to previous technology generations. Omantel will also use Ciena’s Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) domain controller.

“As Omantel navigates its journey to implement 5G and other advanced technologies, there is a need for a network that can quickly adapt to fluctuating bandwidth demands," said Jamie Jefferies, vice president and general manager of international at Ciena.

"Ciena’s 800G technology not only helps Omantel prepare for the explosion of data that will come from 5G, but also drives greater network economics, reach and power efficiency.”

The news marks the first rollout of 800Gbps wavelengths in the MENA region and enables Omantel to support the increasing digital needs of businesses and consumers, while at the same time supporting hyperscalers’ growing network demands with 400GE connectivity.

In addition, the deployment supports the Oman Vision 2040 which aims to promote economic diversification with a focus on technology, knowledge and innovation.

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