French Space Agency selects Orange Business Services for data storage

French Space Agency selects Orange Business Services for data storage

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The French Space Agency (CNES) has chosen Orange Business Services to lead a consortium, including HPE, Scality and Tealenium, to create a new storage solution for its data.

This collaboration will enable CNES fully modernise its storage infrastructure to better use the enormous amounts of its scientific and spatial data from its satellites.

“Spatial data is historically an issue for scientific research. They are becoming a strategic issue in the "new" data economy: satellites contribute at all levels to the creation of value, quite clearly in geolocation or in imagery, but now also to monitor climate change: sea level, ozone layer, CO2, etc," said Thierry Levoir, director of digital and operations departments at CNES.

"Increasingly voluminous, specific and complex, these data need to be captured, stored, processed and analysed. As part of our data policy and with the support of Orange Business Services teams, we are developing a future-proof infrastructure to ensure access to this data, to facilitate science and also to support the emergence of new services, products, players, and a new industry.”

Once completed, the new data lake will be able to host 100 petabytes of spatial data. The company says the single storage space for data collection and archives will be simple, secure and fast for users to access.

In addition, CNES aims to capitalise on it to develop new services incorporating visualisation, data cross-referencing, and information sharing. 

“We are delighted to support CNES in this ambitious project to overhaul its storage infrastructure," said Etienne Bonhomme, director of cloud activities - France at Orange Business Services.

"We combine our know-how in integrating complex solutions with the complementary expertise of our partners in order to contribute to the digital transformation of CNES. We are thus participating in the strategy for enhancing the value of spatial data and promoting the influence of French space policy.”

Partnering with Orange Business Services, CNES will have a single point of contact, helping to oversee the global governance of the entire project from design and installation to maintenance and ongoing operations.

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