DTGC boosts Lambda Connect to 400GE, partners with CMI

DTGC boosts Lambda Connect to 400GE, partners with CMI

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Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier (DTGC) is to increase the speed of Lambda Connect from 100GE to 400GE, using tech from Ciena.

It puts Lambda Connect officially in the Terabit Ethernet zone, with the four-fold speed increase enabled by Ciena's WaveLogic 5 optical innovations. The enhanced service will be available anywhere on DTGC's deployed network infrastructure.

Further, Rolf Nafziger (pictured), SVP Deutsche Telekom Global Business and Global Carrier, said the developments will reduce cross-connect fees by 75%.

He said: “Our new 400GE Lambda service is just what our customers have been asking for. In light of growing data-intensive technologies such as cloud, 5G, machine learning, AI and the like, we have developed a future-proof, scalable solution to serve ever-expanding capacity demands. Higher cost efficiency and mutual sustainability goals are also achievable with this new service enabled by reductions in not only equipment, power and space, but also 75% reductions in cross-connect fees when necessary.”

DTGC said the 400GE Lambda offering provides the equivalent of "four times 100GE via one single 400GE client interface". It means fewer circuits are needed, optimising tracking and monitoring and reducing the number of hand offs and points of failure.

Jamie Jeffries, VP and GM, international, Ciena, added: “We have a long-standing history with Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, and this latest network build is a significant step in bringing critical 400GE connectivity to the pan-European region.

DE-CIX was the first internet exchange to offer 400GE technology in 2019 and only this month Colt said it would roll out 400GE services for customers in Europe and Asia-Pacific, along with private wave services. Meanwhile in France, France-IX now offers a platform supporting 400G Ethernet access, initially via the Telehouse 2 connectivity hub in Paris. Finally, Exa Infrastructure last week confirmed it had upgraded as much as 60% of GTT's network to enable speeds up to 400Gbps.

In other news this week, DTGC has confirmed signed a preferred partner agreement with China Telecom International. This news will enhance access and transport services for global customers of both carriers with connectivity needs across Europe and Asia.

An additional Point of Presence (PoP) will be launched at CMI’s data centre in Moerfelden, near Frankfurt in Germany, on November 1, 2021.

Lambda Connect and Encrypted Lambda will both be offered via the PoP.

Further solutions encompass highly secure and reliable IP VPN services, Ethernet Line/LAN services, Secure Cloud access to all relevant cloud service providers in Europe and Asia, as well as a direct connection to the internet via IP-Connect.

Nafziger said: “Our new partnership with China Mobile International allows us to provide direct connectivity to Asia and vice versa to all of Deutsche Telekom’s German and international POPs, especially in the Central and Eastern European region.

“The new Moerfelden POP will therefore immediately benefit our customers who are already present within the CMI data center and also provide unprecedented opportunities for cloud providers.”

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