RETN confirms new DWDM route and Last Mile over IP

RETN confirms new DWDM route and Last Mile over IP

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RETN is enhancing its network presence with a new DWDM route Rezekne, Latvia – Daugavpils, Latvia – Vilnius, Lithuania, one of the shortest existing routes to connect Vilnius and Moscow.

 The full route, once complete, will also improve network redundancy for the capital of Lithuania by adding a third diverse route coming to Vilnius.

It complements the TRANSKZ cable system as an additional redundant route. Traditionally TRANSKZ had 3 routes from Europe to Asia, two of which met in Moscow.

In addition to the Moscow link, the Daugavpils – Vilnius element is RETN's second cross-border route between Latvia and Lithuania, and supports further IT and communications integration between European countries.

The RETN backbone network in Finland already aggregates six international DWDM routes and acts as a network transport hub, interconnecting Baltic and Nordic regions with Russia and Asia.

Further, the network service provider has also introduced  Last Mile over IP (LMoIP): an in-house solution, aiming to offer a simple and efficient option for customers that want to improve their network operations and infrastructure, without compromising scalability for future.

Unveiled during Capacity Europe this week, LMoIP offers Fast switchover on an Active/Backup topology; IPv6 support; and Zero Touch Configuration, among other features.

“The RETN team has invested heavily in this solution, we’ve been improving features, updated solutions according to the changing market needs and now are happy to launch it and after a year of field testing with some very happy customers, we are delighted to launch the product for general availability this week," said CEO Tony O’Sullivan (pictured).

O'Sullivan was promoted to CEO in January of this year, taking over the role from one of RETN's founders, Dmitry Samarin.

He continued: "This product provides a game changing way for new and existing enterprise customers to gain access to the superior RETN network service and support we are renowned for. RETN’s extensive network coverage all over Europe and Asia and it’s control of underlying DWDM and IP/MPLS infrastructure allows RETN to achieve one of the fastest customer service delivery schedules in the market whilst ensuring the backbone network is constantly upgraded to accommodate increasing customer demand. Connected to the most important Internet Exchanges and Cloud Providers, RETN offers one of the most comprehensive connectivity solutions and constantly expands its product development to keep the pace of technology evolution and market drive. Now clients can enjoy benefits of our network by connecting to it with LMoIP.”

Rounding off the news, RETN has also confirmed it will open a new office in Finland, adding to its European presence across Latvia, Estonia and Sweden.

Scaling the team in tandem, RETN has hired new sales, engineering and R&D staff in Sweden, Finland, and Latvia to strengthen its existing teams and provide local and global expertise.

As a Eurasian provider of IP transit and enterprise communications services, RETN counts circa 800 points of presence and a network length of 120,447 km, and works with such vendors as Infinera, Juniper and Ciena.

Last year it deployed metro fibre-ring topology in London to support a more even distribution of traffic between nodes. That project saw the network service provider turn Juniper for its routers MX10003, MX204 and QFX switches on top.


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