France-IX scores 400G Ethernet first

France-IX scores 400G Ethernet first

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France-IX now offers a platform that supports 400G Ethernet access, initially via the Telehouse 2 connectivity hub (Paris), with plans to extend to other points of presence by the end of this year.

France-IX said the developments make it one of the first European IXPs to launch a 400G Ethernet access offer.

Franck Simon, president of France IX Services said: “With the deployment of 400G technology, we reaffirm our position as one of the leading exchange points in Europe and worldwide. We seek to continuously anticipate and meet our customers’ connectivity needs. The launch of our 400G platform fits into this strategy and aims to support them in the optimisation of their traffic.”

The new platform responds to the growing number of enterprises using peering.

Until now, France-IX offered 10G and 100G ports to all its members. The launch of this 400G platform will also help improve interconnection between its sites and forward its traffic in a more optimal way. For such key developments on its infrastructure, France-IX was able to rely on high-performance platforms from its partners: Nokia for the customer part and Cisco for the backbone part.

A number of organisations, such as content or cloud providers, have a strong need for connectivity and use several 100G ports. With the 400G ports, they will aggregate their traffic more easily.

France-IX’s 400G platform will be first available on the Telehouse 2 connectivity hub, and will then be rolled out on other points of presence by the end of the year.


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