Oracle opens first of underground facilities in Israel

Oracle opens first of underground facilities in Israel


Oracle has become the first global cloud provider to have an active cloud region in Israel after its launch on 13 October.

Oracle's new cloud area offers Oracle Autonomous Database, Kubernetes services and Oracle's cloud applications, Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications. It sits on Oracle's cloud infrastructure so customers can run all these services with increased cyber security.

"Organisations and government bodies need to make a rapid transition to the cloud, and Oracle's new underground cloud area in Jerusalem allows that to happen," said Oraca CEO Tzafra Katz.

"Israel is already today, not next month or next year. "

Oracle highlighted that the facility is located underground to provide "the highest level of security against physical attacks, such as a missile attack". Precisely, it is nine floors below one of Jerusalem's technology parks. It also has two generators to secure uptime.

In total the company is planning 14 data centres by the end of 2022 to meet demand for Israeli data to stay in country as well as supporting enterprises and industry. The second is also planned to be located underground, offering enhanced backup and continuity, part of Oracle's "dual area strategy".

In October 2020 Oracle launched a dedicated dual-region government cloud for public sector organisations in the UK. However, it lost out on a major government contract in Israel earlier this year to Google and Amazon, following a tender for cloud services for the country's public sector and military.

"Oracle's plans to open a second cloud area reflect our ongoing commitment to the State of Israel," said Eran Feigenbaum, CEO of Oracle Israel .

"We have worked to provide Israel with the first cloud from a large cloud provider, and now we intend to expand our offering with a second cloud area. We will probably be the first cloud provider to have a second cloud area again, which will allow more customers to enjoy the variety of cloud services Oracle offers and disaster recovery capabilities. Improved. "


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