A Mexican bridge to a digital future

A Mexican bridge to a digital future

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Infrastructure provider Neutral Networks is expanding its fibre network within Mexico and linking this up via a new long-distance rollout to the US. Chief commercial officer Leonardo Antopia explains the strategy behind the deployment

  1. What are Neutral Networks’ plans for building new fibre infrastructure in Mexico and across the border to the US?

By the end of 2021, we plan to complete a new fibre ring in Querétaro, near Mexico City. This will give Neutral Networks almost 100 miles of fibre in the city, adding more than 40 miles of network to the 56 it already has there.

A long-distance network will also connect Mexico City with Querétaro and Monterrey in north-eastern Mexico, and then cross the border into the US. This will all add to the 1,864 miles of network that Neutral Networks already has in Mexico, further solidifying its position as a 100% carrier-neutral option for data centres, service providers and carriers.

The buildout also means it will be possible to bring traffic from the US to Monterrey within the next six months after a first phase of construction, marking the start of a new, highly beneficial connection between the two countries.


  1. What are the main phases of the network construction?

There are three key parts to the plan – one is providing dark-fibre connectivity between new and existing data centres in Querétaro; the second is the construction of a long-distance network to the north to ultimately link up to the US; and the third is the building of cross-border connectivity.

In a first phase of the long-distance build, which is already 60% complete and is expected to be concluded next January, we are linking up the Pabellón M data centre in Monterrey with the VTX data centre in Laredo on the US border. A second phase involves the construction of fibre between Monterrey and Querétaro, and a third phase extends the network onwards to Mexico City.

The cross-border segment comprises the construction of fibre from Nuevo Laredo in Mexico to Laredo, while there will also be a route from Tijuana on the western coast to across the border to the San Ysidro district of San Diego in southern California – providing an alternative, brand-new fibre path.


  1. Why is Neutral Networks investing in this fibre network?

The region in central and north-eastern Mexico not only presents significant potential for digital growth within the country, but also offers a highly attractive access point into the market for international carriers and hyperscalers – particularly as a fully carrier-neutral option that does not provide direct competition to them.

This area of the country has seen rapid growth among hyperscalers and over-the-top service providers, with cities such as Querétaro and Monterrey establishing themselves as hotspots for tech growth. Carriers, along with cloud and data centre providers, and a rapidly growing fintech market, have been looking to build up a presence there.

As one of the country’s fastest-growing cities, Querétaro, has also been identified as a key market for future expansion, with a promising pipeline for data centre development.

These factors mean it makes sense to provide strong connections between these markets and the US, with the country also offering the possibility to act as a gateway into other markets in Latin America and the Caribbean. However, more capacity is needed to fully capitalise on the opportunity that is waiting to be grasped right now and meet demand over the next decade.

This is where Neutral Networks comes in with our fibre rollout plans, helping to fulfil this burgeoning demand in the coming years.


  1. Why is Neutral Networks a good partner for players in the industry and the ideal company to connect up the two countries?

We have significant expertise, generated from many years in the industry, including over two decades of experience in rolling out and operating dark fibre. Having deployed thousands of miles of network already in Mexico, that makes us a highly reliable partner for the digital journey ahead.

We also have a wide array of technology options to appeal to a variety of needs, including leasing of dark fibre, lit fibre, internet and long-haul services, and ethernet and wavelength services. These create the ingredients for a compelling offer alongside our expanding fibre network. 

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