“We are recognised as a reliable player in the market”
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“We are recognised as a reliable player in the market”

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Pablo Echevarría, sales director at Axent, discusses the Spanish infrastructure provider’s growth ambition in light of the country’s increasingly critical role as a global telecommunications hub.


  1. 2020 and 2021 have been dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic. How has Axent moved forward with its projects and plans during these difficult times?

As we all know, this challenging situation has affected almost every aspect in everyone´s life. Being part of the communications infrastructure sector, Axent has been propelled by increased demand for our solutions, caused by social as well as industrial needs. We have boosted our deployment projects, specifically our two international interconnection deployments to France, a new lit fibre deployment and connectivity with new data centres being developed in Spain.

Our determination to maintain our investment growth strategy plan and the ambition to become an increasingly relevant player is the main reason for our good results in this context.

  1. What do you see as Axent’s role in Spain’s ICT and communications industry?

Spain is not only one of the most developed European markets in FTTH and telecom retail services with an astonishing number of telco operators scattered along its geography. It is also an important terrestrial data hub on the subsea cables map, making it one of the most important nodes delivering international traffic.

Axent has grown its portfolio of customers with direct contracts with the most demanding users of long-haul connectivity, such as data centre operators, cloud service providers including so-called hyper-scalers, and global players operating both land and submarine networks.

The safety and resilience of Axent’s network are highly rated. Axent owns and operates its network end to end, as well as the infrastructure it is based on. Our fully underground network is certified to the highest standards in the ICT industry.

  1. Spain’s data centre market is in a growth phase. How is this growth generating new business cases for your fibre deployments and your carrier services?

Absolutely, the new data centre implementations require a strong and reliable high-capacity fibre infrastructure, capable of interconnecting these new data centres with the rest of the data world. Moreover, security and redundancy fibre infrastructure are more and more part of the design. We play an important role, being part of the backbone and redundancy structure of communications these data centres demand from their earliest designs.

  1. What are your main targets for the key infrastructure needs in the short- to mid-term?

Axent has strong ambitions and solid investment capabilities.

We will focus on responding to the higher demand for reliable fibre networks by providing more redundancies to our dark fibre and capacity portfolio.

Axent is recognised as a reliable player in the market already, so we want to keep up with the growth that the industry is demanding.

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