Five things to watch October 6: Cradlepoint accelerates Wireless WAN, Netcracker helps 5G monetisation in Saudi, 83% to have Wi-Fi 6/6E by 2022

Five things to watch October 6: Cradlepoint accelerates Wireless WAN, Netcracker helps 5G monetisation in Saudi, 83% to have Wi-Fi 6/6E by 2022

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Capacity shares five key stories from around the world making headlines today!

Operators can avoid 65% of operational costs with IP network automation 

A Nokia study in collaboration with Analysys Mason has indicated that operators can expect up to a 65% cost reduction? after implementing IP network automation across three operations categories. 

The study focused on network automation implemented for the operator’s service fulfilment, network lifecycle management, and network and service assurance processes with the Nokia NSP. 

Analysys Mason found:

  • Process automation reduces the labour time required for manual workloads by up to 68%;

  • Therefore, the time needed to roll out new services is reduced by up to 88%;

  • Fewer manual tasks lead to fewer human errors and higher predictability. Overall, the time spent to process errors is reduced by up to 85%;

  • Automating alarm correlation and root cause analysis offers a significant improvement to the meantime to repair  – up to 71%.

Mike Thompson, head of IP network automation at Nokia said: "Automation not only improves operator productivity but significantly reduces outages caused during maintenance windows. Network and service assurance automation enables operators to identify root causes, automate restoration, and fix network issues significantly faster.”

Cradlepoint accelerates Wireless WAN for branch adoption 

Cradlepoint has announced a series of updates showcasing the ongoing acceleration of Wireless WAN adoption in  enterprise fixed location environments. 

“The combination of Covid-19 and the resulting flurry of business transformation that has ensued has underscored the adoption of Wireless WAN for more agile, secure and reliable networks,” said Donna Johnson, Cradlepoint VP of product and solutions. 

“Companies are rapidly shifting to use technology to transform their businesses and to get closer to where their customers live, work, play, and shop. Wireless WAN is a key enabler to making this happen,” she added. 

Johnson says that Cradlepoint’s solutions have expanded the reach of its branch networks, "creating more engagement and unique experiences". 

Netcracker wins BSS contract in Saudi Arabia with Zain

Netcracker has been selected by Middle Eastern operator Zain Saudi Arabia to create the foundation for automated network slicing across its entire network for 5G monetisation. 

The cloud-based Netcracker Digital BSS and Customer Engagement will be hosted on-premises with Zain’s cloud infrastructure. This will provide the operator with a single platform for transformation and convergence across all payment types. 

Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Al-Deghaither, Zain Saudi Arabia’s CEO, said: "We want to ensure that the customers’ digital experience matches our multi-award-winning 5G network. 

“Netcracker's full suite of pre-integrated solutions, precise delivery and extensive expertise will enable us to sustain rapid growth, achieve improved customer experience and deliver new innovative products in the 5G era.”

By 2022 83% will have deployed Wifi 6/6E

By 2022, 83% of services providers, manufacturers and enterprises worldwide will have deployed Wi-Fi 6/6E, or will have plans to do so by the end of that year. 

The outlook was published in a survey by the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), which also highlighted how the 6GHz spectrum will enable Wifi to support more users and new use cases. As many as 58% of respondents said 6GHz was critical to their strategy and 41 countries have already authorised 6GHz for use. 

Tiago Rodrigues, WBA CEO said, “Service providers, equipment manufacturers and enterprises worldwide see more value than ever in Wifi.

“Despite the uncertainty due to the pandemic, 56% of respondents said they were more confident about investing in Wifi than they were a year ago. This confidence also shows up in the number of WBA members participating in various projects – an increase of 15% compared to 2020 — and the record 20 projects in development or already in progress." 

The survey also predicted that more than 338 million Wi-Fi 6E devices will enter the market this year and 20% of all Wi-Fi 6 device shipments will support 6GHz by 2022. 

SEACOM selects NETSCOUT to offer DDOS services in Africa 

NETSCOUT has been selected by African broadband provider SEACOM to provide managed DDoS and security services to enterprise customers in Kenya and South Africa. 

The companies announced the agreement will also extend to wholesale customers through SEACOM’s subsea and terrestrial networks. 

SEACOM’s managed DDoS solution is based on NETSCOUT’s Arbor Sightline with Sentinal which delivers DDoS visibility and protection while also providing SEACOM and its customers with protection against DDoS attacks. 

"With DDoS and other malware attacks growing in sophistication, having the right threat intelligence and mitigation services in place is more important than ever," said Steve Briggs, CSMO at SEACOM.

"Our strategic initiative with NETSCOUT provides our customers with a complete security solution delivered through a next-generation firewall. Backed by a team of threat intelligence experts, it also offers the flexibility to adapt to our customers' existing contact and communications protocols while delivering reports that demonstrate ROI and key metrics for the C-suite,” he added. 

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