Anatel prepares for "largest spectrum auction ever"

Anatel prepares for "largest spectrum auction ever"

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Brazil's telecoms regulator Anatel has confirmed the country will conducts its "largest spectrum auction ever" in the coming months.

The auction for 5G mobile spectrum is expected to take place on 4 November and will raise around 10 billion reais ($1.87 billion) based on minimum bids.

Blocks will be auctioned across four frequency bands: 700MHz, 2.3 GHz, 3.5GHz and 26GHz over a 20-year period and winning bidders must invest close to 40 billion reais in 5G infrastructure.

Last week Brazil’s communications minister Fabio Faria said that Sao Paolo and other large Brazilian cities will have access to 5G technology by the end of the year. He added that all state capitals will have 5G networks working by July 2022.

Rules will be issued today, Monday, local time.

The deployment of 5G in Brazil could have major implications on the country’s financial situation. A recent study from Nokia and Omidia indicated that the deployment of 5G could increase productivity by $3.08 trillion.

Operators TIM and Claro have already launched 5G offerings in the country through DSS technology, and this is set to continue as 5G deployment continues.

Anatel hasn’t opted to implement restrictions on the use of Huawei’s 5G network, despite warnings from US national security adviser Jake Sullivan.

Sullivan previously urged Brazillian authorities not to use technology from the Chinese company in its 5G telecoms network, but this has seemingly been ignored as Huawei is now likely to take part in the commercial deployment of 5G across the country.


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