Russia's Yandex to open data centre facilities in Germany

Russia map NEW.jpeg

Russian web services giant Yandex plans to launch a new cloud region in Germany in 2022, at an initial cost of $30 million.

The move will support the company's Yandex.Cloud services unit, which is currently supported by data centres in Russia and a single one in neighbouring Finland.

Yandex.Cloud chief operating officer Oleg Koverznev said: “This is a very important step. We realise that we cannot be a significant global player on the cloud platform market by operating only in Russia.”

Yandex.Cloud currently serves the needs of around 12,500 companies, with a small number of them already getting services in Germany from the unit.

The company did not confirm it intended to build any data centre facilities of its own to drive its Western European expansion, and may well instead rent space in existing data centres to deliver its services.